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Every educator, every father, every mother, every brother, every husband, every boyfriend, every girl and every woman needs to read this book no matter your racial background, because Black Girl Limited is more than just a book. It is a movement to empower young girls and women , to end racism, and break the generational curse. The book will empower your soul and encourage you to make a positive change in your life and in the lives of others and it talks about self-identity, how to overcome stereotypes and it promotes racial unity and self-love. In addition to the book, I also created a pledge of commitment to end racism. Please sign the pledge and as a thank you for purchasing the book along with signing the pledge, I will list you as a sponsor. Please help me educate and change the world. Sign the Pledge Click Here. 



Black Girl Limited starts out as a novel detailing the life of a young African American girl who is being taunted because of her dark skin, her weight, and her social class and it follows her throughout her adult life. Experience her struggles and find out what it took for her to gain empowerment. Did she overcome all of her struggles or did she continue to be a victim of the generational curse that screamed failure, loser, slave, and did it continue to destroy every relationship she had? Read her story. The second half of the book includes the Black Girl Limited Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct. Learn them, own them, and share with others. Both will guide you on your journey to empowerment. The final piece is a journal to document your 3-month journey to empowerment. Reach your ultimate greatness. Sign the Pledge Click Here. 



Flint, Michigan, an impoverished community and home to the infamous water crisis that poisoned 100,000 Flint residents. However, Flint was poisoned long before the water crisis happened. It was poisoned when Flint suffered its own Great Depression, the upsurge and plunge of the auto industry. It was also poisoned with poverty, high unemployment rates, homelessness, the lack of governmental funding, and yes, lead tainted water. Though, the Flint River was never a viable water source even before the lead. Its waters had been polluted for years and anyone with any ties to the community knew that. Yet, for decades nothing was done to help the people of Flint recover from the environmental issues or the economic plight the residents faced. Flint: The Death and Rebirth of a City tells the story of the people and looks at the history of Flint from before the water crisis and beyond. It tells what the people are doing to recover from the injustices they faced. This 180-page book has text and full color photos that demonstrate what happened during the water crisis, what the river looks like today, and compares the water crisis to other historical acts of genocide. Now you can make up your own mind. Was the Flint Water Crisis a mistake, murder and genocide, or intentional neglect of a poverty stricken urban community? You decide. 



The Flint Water Crisis was a devastating man-made catastrophic event which not only destroyed an infrastructure but created disease, death, and destruction in the lives of the Flint residents. Worlds were torn apart, lives were destroyed, and trust between the government and the people was completely diminished. Although, what happened was a loss of hope but what generated from it was a powerful strength to live, determination and the will to fight and the voices of the people being heard. Community authors and local artists shared their stories through artistic expression while defining how the Flint Water Crisis impacted their lives. Life size sculptures, paintings, photography, and creative writing were just a few among the beautifully illustrated art. The work clearly displayed the heartache, pain, and government corruption but also the courage, faith, and desire to create a positive change in spite of their setback. These artists are true Flint heroes.



In order to achieve YOUR DREAM you must have a billion dollar mindset or at least a million dollar mindset...Author Gale Glover

Author, Publisher, and Motivational Teacher Gale Glover has developed methods that will help you ACCOMPLISH virtually "ANY" Impossible Thing. Her techniques are simple, straightforward, and easy to understand and can be used across the board from writing a book to running a marathon to starting a fortune 500 company. These are universal methods that can be applied to helping you become mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially wealthy. 

How does Gale know this...because she has learned through trial and error what you should and should not do. As Gale so eloquently stated "I took those whips across my back so you don't have to". Her book will help you avoid many of the pitfalls and common mistakes that people make while building their brand. Her 3 G Principle, "Just Ask" Model, and Preach Your Own Eulogy Concept will guide you to success. Gale also lists specific resources that will help you build your brand such as business grants and educational scholarships. This book will take you where you need to be.

Children's Literature 

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In a land far, far away…A different world even…Through the Gate of Zarconia, lived a great King and his family. King Caleb and his wife Queen Lytia, who ruled Zarconia with kindness. For Zarconia wasn’t just any place, it was a place full of magical things and magical powers with wonderful parties and the laughter of many men, women, and children. 

That is until the hate set in and the EVIL King Learden looked to destroy all worlds including his own. He tried to take over the land by turning people into beasts and goats and imprisoning all who opposed his rule. The land turned as dark as the night and most were afraid to fight back so they hid while their land was sucked of all its glory. 

There was only one person who could save Zarconia, along with her guide and help from some unusual friends she met along the way. For in her hands she had the power to save many worlds including her own but would she do it? Will Princess Karilee save Zarconia? 



This book pays tribute to the children of Flint, Michigan who had to learn a new way to eat, drink, and live during the Flint Water Crisis (FWC). They are the true FWC heroes and despite their cities setback many have volunteered hours of their time to pass out water, recycle bottles, and help our community get through this. Children as young as ages 4 and up have volunteered to help pass out water to Flint residents. Therefore, to the children of Flint we thank you, we salute you and we award you with the FWC Medal of Honor for being our little heroes.



Full-Color Story Book

Reach Higher Ed encourages young children to reach for their goals and open their minds to higher education. Reach Higher Ed! Reach Higher Ed! Reach Higher Ed! Parents can share the story-line with their small children and the glossary and 10 tips for a successful college experience with their high school children. This book is for the whole family. This book is a full-color story book. Also, purchase the Reach Higher Ed Activity and Coloring Book. 



Activity & Coloring Book

Reach Higher Ed Activity and Coloring Book encourages young children to reach for their goals and open their minds to higher education. Reach Higher Ed! Reach Higher Ed! Reach Higher Ed! Parents can share the story-line with their small children and the glossary and 10 tips for a successful college experience with their high school children. This book is for the whole family.