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Pledge of Commitment to End Racism

As a Thank You for signing the pledge along with purchasing the Black Girl Limited book, we will display your company logo or picture and bio on our website and list you as one of our sponsors. Please help us change the world by promoting love and equality. 


As a member of the human race, I agree to honor and accept the pledge of commitment to end racism. I pledge to honor this commitment in both my personal and professional life. I pledge to promote racial unity by NOT promoting or engaging in stereotypes. I pledge to respect all cultures and all populations regardless of race, religion, creed, gender or national origin. I pledge to create strategies that will encourage diversity, inclusion, equity, and fair hiring practices. I pledge to educate myself on the facts associated with historical racism. I pledge to break the generational curse by reevaluating my beliefs, my ancestral line and by promoting intercultural communication. I pledge to break the generational curse by having an open mindset. I pledge to empower people of all nationalities. I pledge to end the hate crimes by not using violence as a method for problem solving but instead I pledge to use understanding and communication. I pledge to educate the masses on constructive ways to help end racism. Therefore, I support Author Gale Glover and the Black Girl Limited movement in their mission to empower young girls and women of color, to end racism and break the generational curse. 

Join the Movement to END RACISM
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