"Raised in a poverty-stricken community, a single-parent household, and a declining educational district, I know what my city needs. We need clean water, more jobs, and higher wages, to reduce the poverty rate, to reduce homelessness, more governmental funding and more programs. We also need to make improving our educational system, reducing prisoner recidivism, and prison reform, a top priority. With nearly three decades of experience navigating through complicated systems and large organizations, I know what it takes to find solutions and get things done. I am a problem solver. I will get you results."



"All forms of education should be free and equal including higher education. Therefore, I am dedicated and committed to pursuing policies and strategies that promote the educational advancement of all populations. Every person should have access to a free and quality education. Also, as a person who struggled with literacy it is one of my primary goals to help implement programs that will improve literacy for all nationalities."


Homelessness is a continuous and growing problem worldwide. However, veterans are one of the largest homeless populations in the United Stated. These war heroes are coming home with no where to live. In addition, there are over 500,000 people per night listed as being homeless according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Therefore, we need to ensure affordable housing for everyone in order to reduce the homeless rate. 


Healthcare should be free. Its just that simple. My views on healthcare and education are the same. All populations are entitled to have quality, affordable healthcare with limited taxation. 


"As a person who suffered through the Flint Water Crisis I know firsthand how environmental pollution can negatively impact a community. Therefore, we need to create policies that will protect our natural resources by reducing contamination. I fully support laws and regulations that will promote the health and safety of our people, forests, water, and land. 


We are living in a multicultural nation and we need multicultural leaders and multicultural solutions to solve our everyday problems. We need to embrace the diversity of our country and not exclude those we deem as different. We should not build walls but tear them down while promoting intercultural communication. We need to create a unified world of all nationalities and not discriminate against gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, age, or social class. We need a country that is proud of the differences and not angered by them. We need to practice and demonstrate fairness and equality to every single person in the world. We need to practice love. 


A growing business sector can greatly affect the economy in a number of ways. Not only does it promote economic growth and development of our communities but it can increase personal wealth and therefore, reduce poverty. We need to encourage all people to create new businesses to promote a thriving economy and increase job opportunities. 


Voting is a major component of exercising your voice. Not only is it very important to vote to secure strong leadership but it is also important to understand how our electoral college works. Therefore, I stand by procedures that increase fairness with choosing our political candidates and policies that promote honest strategies within the voting system itself.